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I have been actively looking to connect with other Memphians the past few months and was so pleased when I received a Twitter follow from a professor at the University of Memphis. Turns out he teaches a social media course and has managed to convince the University to add a social media minor to the curriculum next year.

After a few standard Twitter back-and-forths, I DMed him asking if he ever invited guest speakers to talk with students in his Advanced Social Media Strategies course. He DMed back saying that he does but in the virtual sense only. We corresponded on possible topics for me to cover for my virtual speaking gig, and from there I put together and recorded a presentation on the benefits of going local with your social media. Below is my slideshare presentation.

So, yes, I used a social platform that connects people all across the world to find someone locally who gave me the opportunity to talk about using social platforms to find more people locally.

Social media’s a funny thing, isn’t it?