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social-media-activity-feeds-show-you-are-looking-for-a-jobThe new year often means fresh starts in your personal and professional life, including how you present yourself online. I’ve noticed a lot of new profile photos and updated job titles in the past month.

And new fan pages liked.

And new LinkedIn groups joined.

And new social media connections made.

I don’t go out of my way to look for these updates; they are put in front of me. Social media networks like Facebook and LinkedIn hope that I will congratulate that person on their new position, join that same LinkedIn group, like the same fan page, and perhaps consider freshening up my bios, too. Basically, LinkedIn and Facebook are trying to encourage me to put more time and activity into their respective platforms by serving up all the activity of my friends.


It is for that exact reason why all those friends out there who are tightening up their social media profiles because they are looking for new employment need to be extremely careful about their personal activity. All it takes is 1 co-worker who is a personal connection to see that, and spill the beans.

Nothing says, “I’m job hunting!“, like a flurry of new recommendations received, new skills added, new connections made, and updated profiles.

My best advice is this: If you know you that a job search is on the horizon, start putting regular activity into your social profiles immediately, and at least a few months ahead of your official search start. Some minimal but steady interaction with others’ activity – plus the steady addition of a few new skills and connections here and there – over an extended period of time will not only improve your online presence but also help you to fly under the radar.