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linkedin-publishing-is-badCongratulations! You’ve been invited to publish (blog) posts on LinkedIn!

You can now write and publish your thoughts on the internet, giving you the ability to showcase your knowledge and expertise!

Think of all the networking possibilities!

The fame and fortune that will come along with this highly unique opportunity!

You won’t get this chance anywhere else…

Oh wait.

Except…you can.

You already can get all the good things that come with blogging for your business.

You can blog on your own website.

The internet home for you and your business.

The one and only place you have control over on this vast world wide web.

You can publish blog posts on your own website, and post those links to your social media platforms – including LinkedIn – in order to drive traffic back to your website which is where and how you make money.

You can optimize your blog posts for search when they are published on your website, which will organically lead more potential customers to you.

You can get people to visit and revisit your website through all the blog posts you publish, increasing the chance that potential customers will hire you (after clicking around your site and learning more about what you offer).

You strengthen your website URL with additional blog post links. And Google L-O-V-E-S fresh content, which each new blog post provides for your website!

Here’s the thing about LinkedIn blog posts…unless you don’t already have a publishing platform of your own, there’s nothing special that LinkedIn offers you, and you are essentially forfeiting nearly all of the good stuff that comes along with blogging for your business by publishing on LinkedIn instead of on your own blog.

For years now, we’ve discouraged people from utilizing their Facebook fan page as their sole internet presence purely based on the fact that Facebook is a free platform that we, as individuals, have zero control over.

So, if it’s a best practice to maintain your own website on behalf of your business, why wouldn’t it also be a best practice to publish blog posts for your business on your business’ website?

In short, publishing on LinkedIn is a waste of your time. And if you have the time to regularly blog for your business, the absolute best place to put those words is on your business’ website instead of on a free social media platform that you can’t control.