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A few years back, I purchased my name as a domain. Like any good blogger, business owner, and social media manager, I understand the importance of owning this. And, heck, for the $10 a year that it costs to own it, it’s pretty cheap insurance.

After I had my own domain for a while, I decided to start a free WordPress blog where I could still write about social media, but perhaps from a standpoint slightly different than what I write about on my business’ blog. Back then, I thought I was very busy with work and much younger kids, though I managed to write here every few weeks. Flash forward a few years and with the Eli Rose business having grown by leaps and bounds, and this lil’ blog sits quiet for months at a time.

Kristin and I both blog every week on our business’ site; it’s one of our biggest marketing tasks. So in an attempt to liven up this part of the internet, I decided to pull together my personal favorite posts over the past few months to share with you.

My Top 5 Favorite Posts from July through October 2015