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In early August, I was very fortunate to be invited by a large manufacturer to teach about Facebook Pages, Facebook Events and Facebook Ads to its dealers. This manufacturer holds an annual dealer conference where they primarily have sessions to introduce new products or new product features to their dealers, and train them on how to use the new features. They also have a session or 2 that are education-based, and this year it was all about the dealers’ Facebook presences, how to create a proper Facebook event, and how to setup a Facebook ad.


Like many businesses, this particular industry uses Facebook a lot. The people who buy the products from the dealers are all on Facebook and use Facebook as their primary social media platform. This manufacturer recognized that if you help your dealers use Facebook better, that will result in more sales and a better bottom line for all, so this training was really a win-win for everyone.

I repeated this 90 minute Facebook presentation 10 times over the course of 3 days. As a speaker, it provided me with a *lot* of practice and also a unique view into consumer behavior. The material being shown and discussed, and myself as the presenter, were the same all 10 times. But some sessions had groups who were more quiet (and sleepy…the first session after lunch is rough!) than others. Some had attendees who were pretty engaged and full of questions. And some were a mix of quiet listening and raised hands.

But all sessions were full of people who honestly wanted to learn more about using Facebook for their business, and that’s the type of group that I enjoy speaking to most. You can see the light bulb moments. You can watch as the pieces come together and they get excited to try some things out for themselves.

Speaking and training has steadily become one of my most favorite parts of my job.