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Instagram is overrated.

There, I said it.

Yes, it’s a “social media sweetheart”.

Yes, it is a platform that’s rapidly adding users.

Yes, it continues to add and develop features like live video, Stories, and Highlights.

Case against instagram for business

The Case Against Instagram for Business

So why do I think it’s overrated and not for most businesses? Because I do understand and appreciate that Instagram is far more about branding and telling your story than most anything else. Some businesses now have the capability to make posts “shoppable”, but most types of businesses have no way to directly link an Instagram post to a page or blog post on their website (without running an ad).

I think if a business isn’t naturally visually beautiful *or* a business isn’t dedicated to regularly, consistently capturing photos or videos (or both) for Instagram, there’s no real point.

Because, let’s face it, how many quote images do we really enjoy seeing in our Instagram feeds?

How many more versions of a white background with a staged laptop, smartphone, pen and vase can we happily double-tap?

How many more “Save 50% Off Everything Online & In-Store” text-only posts do you want to scroll past?

In too many cases, Instagram has become so contrived. There are small number of businesses that do it well, and for those that do it well, they deserve to be noticed and rise to the top.

I’ll even go as far as to say that boring or un-sexy businesses are and can do it well. Locally, our Two Men and a Truck franchise has been doing a wonderful job of telling its brand story and showcasing the people behind the business.

But for most businesses? (And by most, I do mean the vast majority.) Most businesses just aren’t cut out for Instagram because they aren’t producing the content needed to make it a success.

And in a social world where there are multiple platforms to choose from and each with so much noise in its stream, why not shift your time, energy and resources to a different platform you are using that’s a better fit for the content you have to share?

Just my 2 cents on Instagram for businesses, and something to think about as you continue on your journey for your small business’ social media strategy and content planning.

It’s OK to say no… to Instagram.