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You’re a small business owner.

That means time is of the essence!

Online marketing can absolutely feel like – and be – a HUGE time suck. But if you either want to reign it in or need to reign it in, let’s talk about how to get the most bang for your time buck.

Social Media in 1 Hour a Week

Social Media in 1 Hour a Week

Because you are a small business owner with limited time and resources, and because we believe it is better to do more with less, we’re going to base these recommendations on you having 1-2 platforms, max.

Of course, you may have more social media profiles. But if you truly are limited to 1 hour a week, you’ll be spread too thin to devote even a minimal amount of time to more than 2 platforms.

Facebook Page

Schedule 3-5 posts for the week, in 1 sitting. Boost one of those posts to current Likes or a saved audience. Acknowledge and respond to comments and check your messages.

Tip: Utilize your marketing calendar to make your promotional post writing much easier. Also, identify sources for curated content so that you can quickly search for non-promotional content to schedule every week.


Write and schedule your promotional tweets (3-5) for the week, at the start of the week. Use a scheduling tool like eClincher to schedule your promotional tweets to post each day of the week. Make sure their scheduled times are spread throughout the day. Use your remaining time spread out across the rest of the week to engage those you follow, retweet others’ tweets, reply to tweets you receive, and check DMs.


– Publish 2-3 posts per week. Utilize a regram app to curate others’ relevant content while also giving them credit (visually on the image/video and in the caption). Spend the rest of your time engaging with those you follow, those who liked or commented on your posts, and others using the same hashtags you use.

Tip: Research relevant hashtags and put them in a Note on your phone or something like Google Docs so you can easily copy and paste them at the end of your caption.


Pin 10ish pins that direct users back to your website. Make sure you have keyword-rich pin descriptions and use relevant hashtags in your pin descriptions. Use the remaining time to repin others’ pins to your boards. When you add a new board, make sure you give it a strong, keyword-rich board title and board description since search is the key with Pinterest.

Tip: Break up your Pinterest time spread across 2-3 days so you don’t have to worry about signing in every day.

LinkedIn Profile

Engage with those you follow by liking, commenting and sharing their posts, and acknowledging work anniversaries and new jobs. Upload your list of email contacts to make as many Connections as you can, and as you continue to network offline, send any new contacts you make LinkedIn Connection requests.

Tip: Use a scheduling tool like Buffer to “drip” both curated and promotional content to your Profile on a set schedule each day.

By simplifying your online marketing mix in terms of platform use and activities, it’s very possible to get some great things accomplished in just 1 hour a week.