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Optimization of any type of social media profile or internet listing is important for your small business because it improves the chances of your business’ profile ranking well on each site’s search and gives your business a better chance to be discovered in Google search, too (Search engines tend to favor social media profiles in search results).

Additionally, as social media platforms become more involved and enhance their features and capabilities, it’s best for you to take advantage of all each platform offers to you.

Facebook is always introducing and changing features, so let’s cover some of the more recent updates to make sure you are making the most of your Facebook Business Page.

3 More Ways to Optimize your Facebook Page

3 New Facebook Page Updates to Know

Assuming you already…

Make sure you also…

  • Set up basic Facebook Page Messaging settings. This is not the same as a Messenger bot. You have built-in features that allow you to have your Message window pop up when a user visits your Page, greeting them and inviting them to connect with you, and set up a simple auto-response for when people do message your Page.
  • Edit your Page Template and adjust Tabs. On your Business Page, visit Settings –> Templates and Tabs for access. You can choose a different template, and reorder or turn on/off default tabs.
  • Move your Page and Ads Manager account into Business Manager in order to use customer email list audiences.

It’s a great idea to dig into your Page’s Settings once a quarter to see what new things have popped up there. Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t do a good job of disseminating info about most of its updates, so you really need to be on the lookout.