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With a few (or more) social media profiles, a blog, an email newsletter, monitoring your website traffic and SEO rankings, and running Facebook ad campaigns, you have a LOT of things to do. Plus, keeping up with all your online marketing tasks can be difficult to track.

They also can take up a decent chunk of time every week (and time that you may wish you could devote to other business tasks).

But by developing a couple new processes and workflows, it’s very possible to cut back on the time you spend each week creating and executing your online marketing.

4 Ways to Save Time with your Online Marketing Work

4 Time Savers for your Online Marketing Tasks

In no particular order…

  • Write and use the same promotional posts on all your platforms (when possible). We know that algorithms are in play on all the social media networks, controlling what we see, and that organic Reach is declining, so we really don’t need to worry about the same people seeing the same post if they follow us on more than 1 channel. So, let’s say that you post to your Facebook Page 5 times a week, and 3 of those weekly posts are promotional in nature. The same 3 posts you will publish on your Facebook Page, can also be tweeted (and more than once each), posted to your LinkedIn Profile or Company Page, posted on your Google My Business listing, pinned on Pinterest, and posted about on Instagram. You way need to adjust the copy of the post a bit to properly fit on each platform, but there’s no reason to reinvent the wheel for each social media platform you are active on.
  • Create all sizes of an image or graphic at the same time. Each time I write a new blog post, for example, I create an image for that post that works well on the blog post itself and in a Facebook post. That same size works on LinkedIn. Twitter, and Google My Business, too. I make a square sized version of the image for Instagram, a Story sized image for Instagram Stories, and a skyscraper-style image for Pinterest. And I make all of those sizes at the same time so I have them at the ready when I’m writing my social media posts.
  • Batch your work. Staying on 1 track when you work and completing like-tasks in succession helps your brain stay focused on 1 topic and get the job done faster overall compared to working daily or more often to write and publish your social media posts. This holds true of most any kind of work. For example, if you have a series of quote images you need to make for your social media posts, make them all at once and then schedule them for future publishing to save you time.
  • Use a spreadsheet (or other preferred tool) No more guessing if you already pinned that product link and to what Pinterest board, or if you’ve recently tweeted the link to your newest YouTube video…keep track of your promotional posts in a spreadsheet to easily refer back to what’s been done, when, on what platforms, and with what post copy.

Online marketing can be made more manageable and require less of your time once you institute some processes that are a good fit for your workflow. Hopefully one or more of these time savers will make a difference for you, too.