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Thanks to the way Facebook rolls out changes to its platform, you may or may not have already run into this situation:

You ready your new Facebook Business Page post and try to schedule it for future publishing, but you can’t.

The New Way to Schedule Facebook Posts & Grey Verification Badges Going Away

The only choices you see are to publish Now, Backdate your post, or Save Draft.

This has been causing Page admins a great deal of heartburn in the past couple weeks because it seems like you now need to publish all your posts in real time.

But the good news is: YOU STILL CAN! 

The New Way of Scheduling Facebook Page Posts

What can only be assumed to be Facebook’s way of forcing the adoption of its new, built-in Creator Studio tool, more and more Page admins are finding the only way to schedule a post to publish at a later date and time is to schedule it from within Creator Studio.

Visit your Creator Studio here or by clicking on the Creator Studio tab along the white admin bar on your Page.

Once inside your Creator Studio, you’ll see that you now have access for post scheduling after clicking on Content Library in the left sidebar and clicking to select which Draft you want to schedule.

“Schedule” is the last button on the right.

But wait! I can’t seem to schedule ‘shares’ anymore.

If you want to schedule a share from a different Facebook Page, meaning you copied the link to a different Page’s post to publish on your Page, you can still schedule it but you need to schedule it when you add it to your Creator Studio.

If you try to save that share as a Draft first, you won’t be presented with the Schedule button as an option for that post.

So, scheduling shares is definitely more limiting since you need to be sure of when you want that share to publish. But at least you still can schedule them.

Now what’s this about the verification badge?

Late last week, Facebook Page admins began being shown this red notification from Facebook.

Facebook has announced that it is doing away with the grey verification checkmark seen next to Business Page names.

(Not to be confused with the blue verification checkmark that large brands and celebrities receive.)

Facebook claims it is looking at better ways to show that a Business Page is authentic, but no further details have been released.

There’s no action on our parts that needs to be taken here, so just know that if your Page is currently grey check-verified, you will stop seeing that grey check after October 29.